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Often using her Instagram as a platform to spotlight up-and-coming artists and Etsy vendors, Amanda Seyfried’s feed is a gold mine of handmade goods. Though, her latest discovery isn’t the work of another—it’s her very own creation.

When she’s not on the big screen, you’ll find the Mamma Mia! actress putting her own spin on an art form that’s been around for thousands of years, stitch by stitch. That’s right: Seyfried’s little-known side passion is embroidery. The star recently shared a finished piece with her Instagram followers. The small circular color field is made up of delicate pools of threads.

While Seyfried also has a knack for knitting sweaters and pot holders, we’re completely enamored with these tiny experiments in color. But like any craft, embroidery takes practice. The actress seems to start each new piece by putting her ideas down on paper first. It’s only then that she can truly see what happens when gradient waves of purple encounter hits of hot pink and lime green.

Seyfried is certainly in good company. Embroidery artists and textile designers have created a tight-knit community through Instagram and online marketplaces. Working on such a tiny scale requires unparalleled attention to detail—a skill Seyfried is beginning to master by turning to seasoned pros like Emily Wright of Salt Stitches for inspiration.

While there’s something to be said for the delicate nature of Seyfried’s tiny hooped works, we’re secretly hoping the star delves into large-scale fabrics as well so we can swap out our old college tapestry for something a touch more sophisticated. If she had her own Etsy shop, we’d buy every last piece.   

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