Photography by Michael wiltbank

Alyssa Kapito and Vivan Muller of Kapito Muller Interiors know a thing or two when it comes to decorating a home. After all, the charming design duo have quite the repertoire of impressive feats. With an emphasis on designing well-curated and elegant homes, Kapito and Muller strive to fill their spaces with beautiful textures and unexpected uses of patterns and color. We caught up with the talented two for a glimpse inside their stunning space.

Take a peek!

Photography by Michael wiltbank Photography by Aaron Bengochea

What inspires you?

We get so much inspiration online from Instagram and Pinterest! Its really wonderful to see what’s inspiring others in real time. Also, living in New York City is endlessly inspiring. There is just so much design inspiration everywhere you look, from restaurants to townhouses to Central Park. If you’re a visual person and you’re open to seeing things, theres so much to take in here.

Photography by Michael wiltbank

How does your home make you feel?

We love our homes, they really reflect our aesthetics. That said, we both live in city apartments so our homes are always making us feel like we need a bigger closets!

Photography by Michael wiltbank

What is one thing every home should have?

A super soft throw blanket. If you can’t curl up on your sofa covered in a luxurious throw and read a book or watch a movie, you’re missing out.

Photography by Michael wiltbank

What is your most prized possession?

The things with sentimental value are always the most important and the most unique, it’s really what makes a house a home.

Photography by Michael wiltbank

What makes a home beautiful?

Beautiful can be a lot of things but we think a home should be the best version of your own personality.

Photography by Michael wiltbank

What’s your favorite spot in your home?

We both have great bookcases in our apartments, they’re a great place to have fun with styling and we’re constantly referringto our favorite design books for inspiration so they are pretty useful too.

Photography by Michael wiltbank

How would you discribe your personal style?

We love neutrals and focus on clean lines, and lots of great texture rather than tons of pattern, we find the effect very calming.

Photography by Michael wiltbank
Photography by Michael wiltbank PHOTOGRAPHY BY LAUREN STELLING

On what items do you scrimp?
On what do you splurge?

If you have a good eye you can find great things at every price point, but you can never scrimp on nice sheets, that always shows for some reason, especially after a couple of washes.