Aidy Bryant’s life is ruled by two important mantras: Be colorful and be comfortable. The Saturday Night Live cast member’s fashion choices, especially on her Hulu show, Shrill, are mostly “fun and kooky” dresses that feel as good as they look, and her New York City apartment has the same vibe, with a mixture of bright hues and lounge-y furniture that encourages friends to sit and stay a while. 

The small but mighty space she shares with her husband, fellow comedian Conner O’Malley, has all-white walls, so she makes sure there is “plenty of color in the mix” via the furnishings, including a Southwestern-style Aelfie rug, a peach linen headboard, and funky vintage vases. Other than embracing all the shades of the rainbow, her decorating rules are really that there are none. Vibrant art made by friends, “the pot from a plant I killed” hidden behind a slim Smeg fridge, discarded bumpers from the Late Show With David Letterman that O’Malley dumpster-dived for, and black vinyl chairs from the couple’s first date in Chicago mingle effortlessly thanks to one common thread: Each has a special story behind it. 

Below, Bryant shares a few more of her favorite pieces (and the sometimes kooky memories they spark), plus tells us about her spirit cheese and the embarrassing thing that’s always in her medicine cabinet.

Biggest home project: The bathroom was rough around the edges at first. We went in with bleach and a scrub brush and found out it was permanent tile damage that somehow just looked like dirt. So we put in a standing shower with new white tile, three big medicine cabinets, and brass fixtures.

Medicine cabinet staple: I have these fancy face wipes that are cartoonishly expensive. I get my makeup done so much for work that it’s my one major indulgence. They’re from the brand Koh Gen Do and called Cleansing Spa Water Cloths, which is humiliating. I don’t even know that they’re actually good—it’s more just that I have sensitive skin and they don’t burn.

Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing Water Cloth, Amazon ($48)

Most prized possession: A giant swan lawn ornament that holds a plant. Conner bought it for me for our anniversary, maybe the second year we were dating, because I love those. 

Collector’s items: I’m a little bit of a linen bedding die-hard. I probably have a dozen sets of pillowcases and sheets from different places. I even travel with my own sheets and a Dusen Dusen throw blanket when we film Shrill in Portland, Oregon. My new number ones might be from the Conran Shop that I got in London. I also have sets from Palace in Portland, Parachute, and Eileen Fisher, weirdly. I didn’t even know she did sheets, but someone gave them to me as a gift and they rock.

What’s always in the fridge: Cheese and LaCroix. This is a big point of contention between my husband and me, but I love lime not the other fun flavors. And in the freezer, we always have emergency generic-brand ice cream sandwiches.

Spirit cheese: I want to say Parmigiano-Reggiano, because to me, that’s me. I’m fancy. I’m perfect on pasta. I’m versatile and can go in a number of different dishes. But deep down, I’m probably a straight-up Cheddar. Sharp Cheddar.

Best decor decision: We have a big-ass sectional that can hold, like, 10 people. I spent more time picking it out than I did my wedding dress. I like that it’s brown leather, because you see the age; it gets kind of shitty and worn in, in a good way. Maybe it’s the Arizona gal in me, but it’s like a horse saddle!

Eliot Leather Sectional, Joybird ($5707)

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