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If you are at all attuned to the design world, you’ll know that terrazzo is currently enjoying a major moment in the spotlight. We’ve seen it in our favorite spaces, reimagined into inventive pieces, and even pop up in New York City’s most Instagram-worthy spots.

But for some of us, this trendy material remains a bit out of reach. Rental apartments largely preclude their residents from undertaking any major renovation, like replacing bathroom tiling or countertops. And from a budget perspective, the material isn’t always the most wallet-friendly.

Fear not, terrazzophiles: There are ways to get your fix of the chipped style. The oft-colorful material exists in some form at every price point. It’s up to you how you use it, but here are some of the coolest terrazzo products on the market right now to kickstart your inspiration.

Rose Terrazzo Wallpaper, Ferm Living ($87)

It’s okay to cheat. Getting any surface redone in terrazzo is a laborious and costly process, which is why our solution is to turn to wallpaper. Chasing Paper also offers a temporary (and cheaper) option featuring multicolored flecks, but the rosy hue of Ferm Living’s take on it is super gorgeous if you’re willing to spend a bit more.

Terrazzo Table Lamp, Mink Interiors ($111)

Don’t let your lighting become utilitarian if you can help it. Play your cards right, and even the most mundane of home essentials can be a design statement; case in point, this beautiful table lamp. Aesthetically industrial, it’ll elevate any nightstand or desktop you decide to grace with its presence.

Pink Terrazzo Vase, Zakkia ($54)

Waterproof and ready to go for housing your favorite blooms (choose a pink flower for a monochrome moment), this vase is the ultimate millennial-friendly accent piece. Millennial pink! Minimalist! Australian-made! This one definitely checks out. We also love it as a stand-alone sculptural item; it is the finishing touch your mantel was missing.

Terrazzo Ashtray, Tictail ($27)

While technically an ashtray, we’d use this little bowl any way we can. As an incense burner, for one, or maybe as a dish to hold the daintiest of rings. This ceramic item—the colorful flecks identifying this as “terrazzo” are hand painted on—won’t be available for long, so act fast if you want to bring it home.

Vent Vessel, Coming Soon ($100)

Another multifunctional sculpture (of sorts) this higher-end vessel has a hidden secret: egg shells. They were used in the finish, giving it that micro-terrazzo look. Aside from a great desk organizer for all your go-to tools, it’s equally the perfect size for a little vase to finish off your coffee table.

Gemstone Terrazzo Cube Table, New Age Design Studio ($1)

Definitely, on the higher end of the spectrum, this is for the decorator who is willing to splurge on an investment piece. It’s the product of designer Sasha Burchuk, who is one of the very (very) few female terrazzo fabricators in a male-dominated industry. Her now-iconic cube table is an instant classic; a geometric addition that’ll serve any household for years on end.

Plus, you’d be supporting a badass woman by purchasing this piece. And that’s always a win.

Terrazzo Pudding Bowl, Dassie Artisan ($20)

Aside from the charming idea of owning a specified “pudding bowl,” the colorful minimalism of this ceramic servingware is what really drew us in. We can just picture a stack of these bringing stylish hints of color to an open-shelving situation—of course, they make a wonderful finale to any dinner party when used for dessert, too.

Terrazzo Bath Collection, Anthropologie ($28)

Bathrooms may not historically be the most interesting room to decorate (they’re especially tricky to maneuver when shared with a roommate), but a set like this ensures at least some part of it feels chic. You can buy all the pieces separately, or pick up the lot and instantly give your sink top a facelift with some matching terrazzo marble.


If you’re feeling handy, terrazzo is a fairly easy look to replicate. Well, obviously not the real thing, but if it’s the speckled look you’re after, paint expert Annie Sloan came through with an easy-to-follow DIY.

You Will Need:


  1. Apply two coats of your base Chalk Paint to your surface. If you want a smooth finish, thin the paint a little with water and use an Annie Sloan Flat Brush to apply.
  2. Alternate between a large and small flat detail brush, starting by applying your second color across the surface in small random shapes.
  3. Continue to add random shapes using the flat brushes. Create an assortment of shapes in each color.
  4. The marks will be thicker and more raised in places, this is good! Leave to dry overnight.
  5. Once dry, use a Chalk Paint Wax Brush or lint-free cloth to apply two coats of Clear Chalk Paint Wax–this protects and seals your beautiful work. Leave to dry overnight and then buff with a clean lint-free cloth to create a sheen. If you prefer a matte look, just leave the wax finish without buffing it.

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