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We’re firm believers that colors, textures, and patterns can say just as much as the written word, especially when they’re combined to create a positively mesmerizing piece of abstract art. As much as a stunning still life or portrait can enliven a bare wall, there’s something undeniably refreshing about art that transcends a dictated style. On its own or arranged as a part of a gallery wall, its appeal is endless.

Abstract art prints are limitless in their diversity. Whether you find yourself drawn to a neat, minimalist arrangement of black-and-white figures, Matisse-style cutouts, or a chaotic blend of varied shades and figures, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to tie a room together, consider adding an abstract print that features one or two of your accent colors, or if you want to spice up a relatively neutral space, go bold with a graphic, vibrant print instead. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of our current favorites.

If You’re Big on Organized Chaos

“Bandaids,” Jessica Matier ($198)

Made with a wide array of materials—watercolor, Sumi ink, soft pastel, and acrylic—this artful print is an impressive study in layering. Soft pinks, teals, and oranges get a deeper impact when set against a black focal point.

If You Keep Things Neat and Tidy

“Coit Pattern 12 Framed Art Print,” Coit Creative ($43)

The simple linework of this print makes a pleasing wall addition, and its bottom stripe of warm orange-gold lends it a warm finish—perfect for brightening up an otherwise minimalist space.

If You Love an Optical Illusion

“Color Block,” Heather Deffense ($198)

Intense Yves Klein blue stands out in this three-hued color-blocked print. Coolest of all: It’s actually a photograph.

If You Love ’70s Style

“Glory,” Erin Lynn Welsh ($325)

The peachy hues of artist Erin Lynn Welsh’s work pop against accents of bright yellow and cool green. Altogether, the psychedelic curves and waves make for an entrancing work of art.

If You Prefer Untraditional Florals

“Leaves and a Stem,” Deborah Velasquez ($198)

This isn’t your typical floral print. Set against a dramatic yellow background, artist Deborah Velásquez’s many-leaved creation gives off an intense effect in a simplistic package.

If You’re All About Simplicity With a Big Impact

“Mid Century Modern Abstract Painting,” EnShape ($60)

Rich, rounded brushwork looks especially satisfying rendered in a cheerful orange-red hue. Sometimes, just four simple strokes are enough to create a piece that delights.

If You Want a Little Bit of Everything

Moglea Print, West Elm ($59)

Assorted shapes, varied patterns, and the perfect few splashes of peach render this print a visual treat. Use it as a foundational piece on which you can build off a gallery wall.

If Cutouts Bring You Joy

“Number 14,” Marleigh Culver ($140)

Featuring three hues that border ever so slightly on the tropical spectrum, this Matisse-esque work lends warmth to any wall space. Elevate it even further with a brass frame.

If You Love a Good Maze

“Plainful,” Bethania Lima ($254)

The simultaneously deliberate yet laissez-faire painterly quality of this print gives it extra nuance. This one looks especially striking displayed on its own.

If You’re Into Dualities

“Reverse 02 Framed Art Print,” mpgmb, Society6 ($160)

Yes, black and white can be just as eye-catching as a cacophony of color. This modern, iceberg-effect work is especially suited for minimal and modern spaces.

If You’re Calm and Collected

“The Balancing 2,” Francesca Iannaccone ($198)

A neutral palette makes this cutout-inspired work look especially fresh. Pair it with an arrangement of similarly hued pieces for a calming effect.

If You Do Color Outside the Lines

“Sunset Ripples Framed Art Print,” Fox and Velvet ($99)

What happens when a Rothko-esque block of color and some simple linework come together? A perfectly charming graphic print.

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