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loop earplugs

I Can’t WFH Without These Earplugs That Look Like Jewelry and Work Like A Charm

Less noise, more productivity.

This Cord-Free Toothbrush Keeps My Vanity Counter (and My Teeth!) Superclean

Where there’s an outlet, there’s a way.

This $40 Magnetic Shelf Is Only 3.5 Inches Deep, But It Holds Spice Jars, Tiny Pots, and Even an Open Cookbook

The best part is that I don’t notice it on my stove.

Is the Samsung Frame Really Worth It? Our TV-Obsessed Deputy Editor Tests It Out

She played video games on it, too.

I Tried a Stylish Countertop Water Filter That Claims to Be Better Than—Gasp!—Brita

And it looks perfect in modern kitchens.

This Tiny Portable Cube Is My New AC, Humidifier, Noise Machine, and Nightlight

Plus it’s eco-friendly and under $100.

I Tried a Chic Bluetooth-Enabled Grill That Told Me When My Food Was Ready

Meanwhile, I was inside making margaritas.

This Hand Soap Smells Exactly Like Le Labo, Except It’s $7

That’s a $193 difference.

My Family Owns 4 Vacuums, But I Found the Wet/Dry Cleaner to Replace Them All

Bonus: It alerts me when everything’s spick-and-span.

Jenni Kayne’s Favorite $13 Wineglasses Are Durable Enough to Use Outside

And nine more of her outdoor-friendly picks.

I Ditched Bubble Wrap Completely When I Discovered This $8 Packing Solution

No sad unpacking surprises here.

This $7,000(!) Mattress Is a Sleep Tracker and Alarm Clock All in One

Luckily, you don't have to buy one to experience it.

Samsung’s New Cordless Vacuum Refreshingly Doesn’t Look Like It Belongs on a Spaceship

It’s pretty enough to leave out, and it empties itself.

Andy Baraghani Prefers This $8 Kitchen Tool Over Its Expensive Counterparts

And the rest of his faves for newbie cooks.

I Tested a Countertop Composter That Makes Ready-to-Use Soil Literally Overnight

It transforms food scraps while you sleep.

A Chic Kids’ Bounce House Does Exist, and It’s Worth Every Penny

I’ve carried mine to most playdates since it arrived.

For $60, I Totally Transformed My Old Blankets and Sofa

This gadget is a game changer.

I Found a Countertop Compost Bin That Really, Truly Traps Any Bad Odors

And it looks good doing it.