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The Latest In Plants

The 3 Tips Plant Kween Wants You to Take Away From Their New Succulent Garden Workshop

The 3 Tips Plant Kween Wants You to Take Away From Their New Succulent Garden Workshop

These types of “green gurls” love a sunny scene.

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I Need to Surround Myself With Plants to Be Productive—This $125 Potting Table Is Step One

If you don’t see me on our Zoom call, I’m the one behind the ficus.

Give Your Unwieldy Trailing Plants Support With This Nearly Invisible Craft Store Supply

Keep climbing toward the light.

How Jordan Ferney Revived an Old Greenhouse Everyone Told Her to Tear Down

The hardest part: Keeping the chipmunks in the garden at bay.

The Secret to This New Mexico Home’s Jewel-Toned Stucco Exteriors

Despite only 10 days of rain a year, the garden is equally as vibrant.

The Philodendron Gloriosum Requires Patience, But It’s Worth the Wait

Its leaves are stunning when they unravel.

A Mystical Redwood Hideaway That Delights at Every Turn

Topped with beehives and filled with storied objects.

A Feng Shui Expert Explains Why Every Kitchen Needs This Air-Purifying Plant

Plus which greenery will optimize the rest of your house.

Every Plant Collector Covets the Pink Princess Philodendron

The lowdown on the surprisingly low-key plant.

Ceiling Planter Boxes Give This Space All the Drama With Little Greenery Upkeep

One hundred feet of plant friends.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Yucca Plant

The desert green that keeps on giving.

I’ll Let You in on a Secret: I Turn to Amazon for the Best Indoor Plants

Greenery that doesn’t cost a lot of green.

We Found the Prefab Kit Neil Patrick Harris Used to Build His Greenhouse

Now he wants to fill it with mango trees.

This $6 Planter Wasn’t So Cute—Here’s How We Gave It a Patterned Glow-Up

Bonus points if you match the print to your walls.