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I Found a Cute Body Pillow That Totally Transformed My Sleep

Cozy vibes + amazing rest.

I’ll Never Travel Again Without These Leakproof Containers

No more suitcase shampoo spills—ever.

Can a Coffee Maker Bring You Inner Peace? Yes, If It’s This Museum-Worthy One

Way cheaper than therapy.

“What If We Designed a Kitchen for a Sea Captain?”

That idea was the start of this Seattle renovation.

Baby Number Two (and a Move!) Led to This Florist Mom’s Nursery Refresh

Not all dressers are created equal.

Our Top Mood-Setting, Under-$20 Picks From H&M Home’s Spring Launch

They’re almost too pretty to use.

How a Designer Made Her L.A. Fixer-Upper Family-Friendly (and Eventually Resale Ready)

The kitchen shows no signs of a hasty flip.

This Extra-Long L.A. Living Room Is Really Three Mini Spaces in One

Each with its own purpose.

Send This to Your Significant Other: How to Load a Dishwasher

Including what should never go in there.

Our List of the Best Kitchen Rugs Includes a Vintage-Looking Runner That’s Only $26

And all of them are a cinch to clean.

For the First Time Ever, Madewell Is Carrying This DIY Design Staple

The brand’s love of basics takes new form.

You Can Now Buy Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Original Art, From Tapestries to Plaster Works

And her favorite vintage finds.

How Much Money You Can Make by Lending Your Home to a Film Crew

And why this L.A. house is a favorite location for scouts.

A Dallas Designer Transformed This Awkward Living Room Nook Into a Speakeasy

Name a cooler party trick.

The $100 Rattan Sconce in Studio McGee’s New Target Line Needs Your Full Attention

And five more finds we’re eyeing.

I Spent Months Searching for the Best King-Size Mattresses—Here’s My Short List

They’re all hybrid, natural-fiber favorites.

Katy Perry’s Dream Bar Cart Is a $1,500 Mid-Century Marvel

To display her booze-free aperitifs, of course.

Shag Carpet Covers Almost Everything in This Home Office—And Looks Surprisingly 2022

It’s groovy, baby.

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