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This Dreamy Collection of Rattan Furniture Is Finally Available Stateside

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Hold On, This Is the Most Popular Design Style in the Country?

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Friendly Suggestion From London: We Need More Colorful Public Benches

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IKEA Has Announced 26 Fresh Collections—These Are the 3 We’re Dying to See

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Why Spanish-Girl Style Is Fast Replacing Our French-Girl Obsession

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Scared of DIY-ing Plaster Walls? That’s Why This Wallpaper Exists

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4 Beyond-the-Bouquet Ways to Add Florals to Your Home

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Cold Picnic’s Animal Rugs Are About to Be in Every Cool Apartment

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These Urban Outfitters Vases Sold Out in 2 Days Last Year—Now They’re Back

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The Decor Trends We Hope Never Make a Comeback

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6 Steps for Styling Your Entryway Like Garance Doré

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The 5 Outdoor Decor Trends You’ll See at Every Barbecue This Summer

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40 Reasons You Need a Modern Chandelier, Stat

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Portrait Gallery Walls That Are Better Than Friends

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