Top stories In Sustainability

A $40 Tool That Will Make Every Laundry Load More Sustainable

The ocean will thank you.

A $400 Prefab Kit and Some Leftover Pallets Equal a Lush Greenhouse

The perfect starter pack.

With the Philodendron Hope, You’re One Step Closer to an Indoor Canopy

Rain-forest vibes only.

What’s the Difference Between a Sustainable Velvet Sofa and a Regular One?

A whole bunch of plastic bottles, for starters.

The Latest In Sustainability

A Hidden Sauna Is One of Hundreds of Health-Conscious Features in This Condo

From floor crystals to infrared panels.

Reduce Your Water Usage by 44%—Without Lifting a Finger

Just in time for holiday dishwashing.

Ron Finley Reveals You Can Compost More Than Just Dinner Scraps

He calls it his “ecolution.”

Forget Trims, the Plant Kween Gives His Greenery “Haircuts”—Here’s Why

Plus the plants he’s loving right now.

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3 Throwaway Items IKEA Thinks You Could Put to Better Use

Don’t toss your mason jars just yet.

Plants May Be the Key to Breaking Up Work-at-Home Monotony

A new survey reveals how people are adjusting.

The Window Air Conditioner Just Got a Much-Needed Revamp

Lower energy bills and minimalist design unite.

9 Small Businesses Matching Donations to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Maximize your contribution.

The Philodendron Gloriosum Requires Patience, But It’s Worth the Wait

Its leaves are stunning when they unravel.

Get Instant Indoor Jungle Vibes by Propagating Your Monstera

They grow up so fast.

The IKEA-Funded Backyard Essential You’re Missing for Summer

Attract bees and good vibes.

Soothe Your Nerves By Doing Chores—No, Really

Good news for green thumbs.

13 People on Their Newly Adopted Sustainable Habits

There’s no time like the present to live a little greener.

A Low-Maintenance Garden Idea, Straight From the Netherlands

This city’s no-roof-unused policy got us thinking.

Fleetwood Mac and Sageing Make Up This Plant Lover’s Greenery Routine

“I like to think I’m in tune with where they’re at.”

After More Than a Year of Waiting, IKEA Has Launched Its Purifying Curtains

And we could all use a breath of fresh air.

How to Grow Your Very Own Cactus, According to a Plant Pro

Welcome to propagation nation.

These Home Brands Are Stepping Up to End the Medical Supply Shortage

Here’s how you can play a part, too.

These 6 Plants Can Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity (Yes, Really)

Put down the CBD oil.

You Don’t Need to Leave Your House to Get Fresh Flowers

The Sill’s newest launch is an instant mood booster.

Try This DIY Aromatherapy to Turn Your Home Into a Calming Retreat

Inhale, exhale.

IKEA Just Proved You Can Have an Apartment Greenhouse

Its new collection is all about small space gardening.

Home Buyers Agree: This Is the Most Important Eco-Friendly Feature

It outranked energy-efficient lighting.

Before the Insta-Famous Fiddle-Leaf Fig, We Had the Pothos

Here’s how to win at plant parenting.

Why Does No One Talk About This Important Plant Care Trick?

Spring clean your greens.

The Time Has Come to Switch to Reusable Shopping Bags

Five options to help you take the plunge.

DIY Beeswax Wrap Is a Dinner Party Game Changer

How to make it in five easy steps.

Will This Under-the-Radar Plant Be 2020’s Best-Seller?

Move over, monstera.

What Happens to Your Body When You Move to the City

The daily grind can take a toll.

This Limited-Time-Only Trader Joe’s Sleeper Hit Is Back in Stock

You can’t eat it, though.

This Is How You Get More Plants for Free

Propagation 101.

Apparently, This Is Homeowners’ Most-Requested Outdoor Feature

Breathe in, breathe out.

Join Me in My Foray Into Composting

City dwellers can do it, too.

This Is the Toughest Challenge of Plant Parenthood, According to Millennials

Don’t worry, there’s a simple solution.

This Is Exactly What a Wellness Expert Eats for All-Day Energy

Wait, no coffee?

Yes, You Can Recycle That

From mascara wands to empty chip bags—really!

The First Step to Going Low Waste Is Surprisingly Simple

And it doesn’t cost a thing.

Our Favorite Plant From Bloomscape x West Elm Could Help Kick That Headache

A green friend with benefits.

The Monstera Plant We’re Predicting Will Be Everywhere in 2020

There’s a new leafy obsession in town.

What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Meat

The benefits are staggering.

I Tested the 5 Most Popular Reusable Straws and There’s a Clear Winner

Ditch plastic once and for all.

I Discovered This $8 Plant Hack by Accident—But It Actually Works

You’ll never overwater again.

Can Cleaning Actually Make You Happier?

Tidying up takes on a whole new meaning.

These 6 Things Aren’t Recyclable—Here’s What to Do With Them Instead

Clean up the right way after holiday entertaining.

Does This Trending Reddit Plant Hack Really Work?

Your Monstera needs a shower, too.

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