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We Tracked Down the Showstopper in Kate Hudson’s Revamped Powder Room

It’s her way of bringing the outdoors in.

The Most Popular Room to Renovate in 2022 Has Value-Boosting Potential

Those new shiplap cabinets can wait.

The Best Bathroom Paint Colors Are Blue and Green, According to 6 Designers

For everything from the master bath to the powder room.

What Monica Geller’s ’90s Purple Bathroom Would Look Like With a Japandi Twist

Goodbye, floral shower curtain. Hello, soaking tub.

Kacey Musgraves Made the Most of Her Bathroom View With This Streamlined Fixture

It works for any kind of layout.

1 in 4 Homeowners Give Up This Bathroom Feature When Square Footage Gets Tight

Here’s how to keep the best of both worlds.

This Optical Illusion in Karlie Kloss’s Apartment Could Elevate the Most Basic of Bathrooms

Leave no stone unreflected.

This NYC Bathroom Puts a Stone Spin on Traditional Wainscoting

Turquoise marble takes on the look of inset paneling.

If You’ve Been Bidet Curious, Now Is Really the Time to Invest

No toilet paper equals a happier planet.

Designers Predict This Anti-Germ Feature Will Be the Most Popular This Year

Your bathroom will only look cuter.

In 3 Days, Everything About This Once Beige Bathroom Changed

From the windows to, yes, the walls.

The Layout Tweak That Made This 27-Square-Foot Bathroom Feel Less Mini

And a grout hack for when you’re working in black and white.

Teen Self-Care Starts With One of These Beachy-Cool Bathrooms, Preferably Clad in Tile

One designer reveals how to nail nautical without getting theme-y.

How This Homeowner Tackled 3 Bathroom Renos in 4 Months

It took $25,000, a little nerve, and a lot of creativity.

The Addition That Made This Bathroom’s 1920s Archways Feel Right for 2021

Resale value was top of mind for the designer.

Of Course Jenna Lyons Found a Chic Solution to Ugly Grout Lines

And the trick behind her nonrepeating bathroom tile pattern.

Brooke Shields Stores Her Beauty Overstock in These Sleek Container Store Bins

They’re perfect for under the sink.

Shower Mood Lighting Is a Thing, and It Gives This Jersey City Bathroom Spa Vibes

Sconces aren’t just for above the vanity.

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