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These Sofas With Storage All Have a Secret Hiding Place for Your Blankets

Ten cozy (and stylish!) options.

The Secret to a Comfortable Kitchen: The Right Countertop Height

A few small tweaks made this space the perfect fit.

Skip the $180-a-Square-Foot Calacatta for This $2.50 Alternative

How Formica Corporation gets its laminate to look just like the real thing.

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Inside Adrian Grenier’s 4-Year-Long Brownstone Renovation, an Ode to His Mom

Down to the sculptural banister.

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Everyone’s Googling How to Fix Up This Household Fixture

We’ve got three not-boring ideas.

Forget the Suburbs! Now’s the Best Time to Move Into a City, a New Report Shows

How to negotiate the best deal from your dream home’s landlord.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Don’t Need to Look Cheap, Too

Say goodbye to a lofty price tag by doing some work yourself.

How This Designer Mom Carved Out a 3-Bedroom Home From a Studio Apartment

Even tight-knit families need some space.

This Staub Cookware Staple Is 40% Off—Plus 7 Other End-of-Season Sale Finds

Prepping for next winter starts now.

Own a House in One of These Cities? You Could Be Making Money on It

Here’s how to make your place a must-book rental.

Nate Berkus’s Favorite Paint Brand Also Happens to Be Female Founded

Plus the rugs he’s been sourcing for years.

Turning Back the Clock on This ’50s Apartment’s Floor Plan Let the Light Shine In

This pro wasn’t afraid to demo a wall in his Mies van der Rohe condo.

Toddler Life Is Messy—This $9 Natural Stain Remover Is My Cleaning Solve

When going to the laundromat isn’t an option.

Refashioned Pipes Keep This London It Girl’s Candy Land Closet Organized

Same with the scuff-proof shelves.

The Kitchen Doubles as a Library in This 350-Square-Foot L.A. Rental

Elsewhere, a bed is tucked into a curtained-off nook.

Pro Florists and DIYers Loop Us In on Their Best Easter Wreath Ideas

Bring on the yellow daffodils.

Sustainable (and Cute) Lawn Care Is Now Officially a Thing at Walmart

Meet your new gardening BFFs.

Gingham on Gingham, Paper Carrot Place Settings, and More Fun Ways to Set Your Easter Table

Seven moms on their breezy holiday traditions.

A Popular 2000s Color Is Back, According to Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia

The DIY master talks clay, natural fibers, and everything else she’s loving right now.

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Zillow Will Buy Your Home So You Can Skip the Listing-Showing-Negotiating Hassle

Better yet: You get to pick the closing date.

You Can’t Predict a Natural Disaster—But You Can Prepare Your Home for One

A new report says one-third of houses are at risk.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry

First up, the deep clean.

Leanne Ford’s 3 Tricks for Exposing Cottage-Approved Rafters

Without giving up insulation.

Le Creuset’s Chic New Finish Might Just Match Your Countertops Perfectly

Goodbye, color-indecision fatigue.

No Need to Build a Pricey Outdoor Kitchen—These New Designs Are Demo-Free

Our colorful picks start at $5K, not $13K.

The Cool Factor Isn’t the Only Reason to Invest in Iron-Framed Windows and Doors

More glass, better views.

This Celebrity’s $70 IKEA Bookshelf Was the Real Winner at the Golden Globes

Stars—they’re just like us.

These 3 Paint Colors Are Primed for Selling Your House

Lessons learned from 10,000 Zillow deals.

This Simple Ritual Will Help You Shift Out of Work Mode

Ten creatives share their end-of-day playlists.

After Kellie Brown Painted Her Bedroom This Hue, She Started Sleeping Like a Baby

How the style blogger fosters a sense of calm in her L.A. home.

A Chic Answer to the Classic Doggie Door, Courtesy of an Atlanta Designer

No plastic flap in sight.

The New Levi’s x Target Collab Goes With Everything, Just Like a Pair of Jeans

From recycled glassware to cozy chairs.

Meet the Prop Stylist Who Adds Serious Personality to Her Seder Plate

And see how she puts it all together.

The 10 Products Domino Readers Shopped Most in February

Paint inspiration ahead.

This $160 Toddler Bed Saves Space and Looks Cute—Need I Say More?

Jordan Ferney on the “game changer” design.

Copper-Wrapped Cabinets Double as Art in This 115-Year-Old London Home

The metal sheets were a score at $150.

Beyoncé’s Favorite Candle Brand Is Launching a Home Collection

Give your coasters a graphic upgrade.

Millennial Home Buyers Are Ditching Cities for These Suburban Spots

We did some house hunting for you.

This Pandemic-Proof Beach House Nails Both Summer and Off-Season Vibes

Nautical motifs don’t have to mean buoys on the walls.

A Pink Plaster Tub, a Soup to Go, and 3 Other Things We Can’t Stop Talking About

Our editors share their Friday Faves.

My Built-In Storage Solves the Problem of Ugly Under-the-Bed Containers

Our executive creative director’s pretty solution helps her rest easy.

A Hot Pink Faucet Takes Center Stage in This Unpredictable Sydney Home

Elsewhere bold fabric cures the ’90s wall paneling.

These New Kitchen Cabinets Cost 40% Less Than Typical Made-to-Order Ones

Customize yours down to the drawer organizer.

The Best Affordable Lighting Is From France, If You Ask Fashion Designer Jessie Randall

And it’s on display at the new Loeffler Randall store.

Sponsored By Lexus

9 Unexpected Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas You Didn’t Try Last Spring

It’s never too late to find a nook for your potatoes.

The 9 Garage Organizing Products Our Style Director Swears By

Because über-functional spaces can be chic, too.

How Leanne Ford Knows When Something’s Worth Keeping in a Reno

And when it’s worth replacing.

We Can’t Get Enough of This Über-Saturated Kitchen Trend

One and done.

These Pros Saw a Ton of Value in Adding Just 250 Square Feet to Their L.A. Home

Bathroom Jenga followed.

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