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ceramic sconce on black wall

A $6 Target Dinner Plate Turned This IKEA Sconce Into a Custom Light Fixture

Here’s how to hack your own in three steps.

How to Paint a Dresser So You Don’t End Up With a Sticky, Streaky Finish

Plus the one step you absolutely shouldn’t skip.

How to Make Your Bed, Whether You Use a Top Sheet or Not

Plus our style director’s take on hospital corners.

Moving Season Is Upon Us—Here’s How to Store Your Mattress in the In-Between Stage

Reconsider leaving it in your garage.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet So It Actually Stacks Neatly

Because shoving it on the shelf isn’t nearly as satisfying.

How Long Do Pillows Last? Plus the Signs That It’s Time to Replace Them

Life span varies by type.

How Long Does a Mattress Last? Plus the Signs It’s Time for a New One

Life span varies by type.

Linen Versus Cotton Sheets: What’s to Love (and Not) About Both Natural Fibers

One conveys laid-back luxury, and the other is famously soft.

Bamboo Versus Cotton Sheets: Which Are Coolest, Which Cost Less, and More

A sleep expert and a designer weigh in.

This $6 Planter Wasn’t So Cute—Here’s How We Gave It a Patterned Glow-Up

Bonus points if you match the print to your walls.

How to Buy a Mattress With Zero Regret, Even If You Haven’t Tested It Out

Plus all the questions to ask.

How Our Style Director Gave Her IKEA Doormat a $20 Checkerboard Makeover

You don’t even need a measuring tape.

The Foam Versus Spring Mattress Debate: Which One You (and Your Back) Will Love

There is also sustainability to consider.

Searches for Recycled Decor Are Up 95%, So Here’s How to Reuse Your Coffee-Table Books

And the countertop scraps from your kitchen reno.

Memory Foam Versus Hybrid Mattresses: What Our Editors Really Think

And which one is best for you.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress? Plus All the Reasons You’ll Love It (or Not)

Calling all edge-of-the-bed sleepers.

The Price Points, Pros, and Cons of All the Different Types of Mattresses

Back pain? Side sleeper? There’s one for you.

How to Clean a Mattress With Supplies You Already Have at Home

Plus how often you should do the job.

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