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Jenna Lyons Told Us Her Go-To Paint Colors—And How to Maximize Their Effect

In honor of her new gig.

Yes, It’s Possible to Resize a Rug Yourself—And With a Utility Knife No Less

For when the perfect floor covering is the wrong dimension.

A $10 DIY Was the Finishing Touch of This Creative’s Creepy-Cute Kitchen

Spooky doesn’t have to be seasonal.

How to Hang Wallpaper (the Permanent Kind!)

Start small—in terms of project and print.

How to Find a Contractor You Know You Can Trust

Including the questions to ask yourself.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet So It Actually Stacks Neatly

Because shoving it on the shelf isn’t nearly as satisfying.

How to Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting a Face Full of Dust

The humble pillowcase saves the day.

This Watering Hack Has Kept All My Plants Alive

You just need a mixing bowl.

The Costs of Buying a Home You’re Probably Forgetting to Budget For

We’re talking an extra $500 a month.

A Former Historic Preservation Board Member Drops Her Reno Wisdom

Five tips from her own six projects.

How to Hang Plants Indoors, According to Someone Who Does It for a Living

One ceiling hook outshines the rest.

Why This Designer Loves Walnut Furniture—So Much So It’s in Every Room of This Chicago Ranch

Move over, oak.

How to Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture, According to Design-Loving Cat Parents

Save your couch and your sanity.

Millennials Care Way More About This Home Feature Than Gen-Z

But it can be as easy as choosing the right paint.

68% of People Moved for This Purpose in the Past Year (and It’s Not a Change of Scenery)

Here’s how to re-create it in whatever home you buy.

Behr’s New Paint Palette Was Created Specifically to Increase Your Home’s Value

The brand even broke it down by room.

Is Your Zodiac Sign the Most Confident When It Comes to Decorating?

Here’s where everyone’s design strengths lie.

The Best Walk-In Pantry Organization Ideas Are Hiding in Plain Sight

How to make the most of all that space.

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