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outdoor patio with white table and geometric place settings

Patio Lighting Ideas That Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space Without Blending Into the Background

Including pendants, wall mounts, and lanterns.

linen closet with four floating shelves

How to Organize a Linen Closet Neatly When You’re Not a Fan of Folding

Baskets and pillowcases will be your BFFs.

dog lying on brown leather sofa with geometric patterned throw pillows and wall artwork

Our Style Director Reveals How to Mix and Match Pillows on a Sofa

Including her starting point (no, it’s not the couch).

How I Turned My Woodworking Hobby Into a Career (While Still Juggling a 9-5)

How I Turned My Woodworking Hobby Into a Career (While Still Juggling a 9-5)

Robby Simon went from watching YouTube tutorials to selling his own pieces.

wooden platform bed white duvet blue and white plaid throw blanket and pillows

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress? (It’s Not Just on Holidays)

Plus the brands that usually offer decent discounts.

blue kitchen

We Asked Women in the Contracting World for the DIY You Should Be Trying

And their tips for staying on budget.

wood a-frame in the woods

None of the Most Affordable Cities for Outdoor Lovers Are on a Coast

Midwesterners, this one’s for you.

woman getting containers

This Drawer Is a Meal-Prepping Lifesaver in Chris Loves Julia’s Newly Renovated Kitchen

The garbage-bag refill slot is a close contender.

bed with gray duvet and striped throw blanket

How to Style a Bed Like a Domino Editor (It’s All in the Pillows)

The same duvet cover, three totally different looks.

bed with white duvet black and white cat lying on orange runner

How to Wash Pillows So There Are No Lumpy, Misshapen Cushions in Your Future

Plus which ones should never go in the washing machine.

bed with orange duvet cover and white and orange striped pillow

How to Arrange Pillows on a Bed, From the Stack to the Reverse Pyramid

One setup creates an instant headboard.

ceramic sconce on black wall

A $6 Target Dinner Plate Turned This IKEA Sconce Into a Custom Light Fixture

Here’s how to hack your own in three steps.

green dresser back to basics domino overlay

How to Paint a Dresser So You Don’t End Up With a Sticky, Streaky Finish

Plus the one step you absolutely shouldn’t skip.

white bed with tan throw cover footing

How to Make Your Bed, Whether You Use a Top Sheet or Not

Plus our style director’s take on hospital corners.

white bed with quilted comforter and brown woven headboard

Moving Season Is Upon Us—Here’s How to Store Your Mattress in the In-Between Stage

Reconsider leaving it in your garage.

white exterior door with gold hardware

Gen-Zers Are Indeed Buying Houses in the City Predicted to Be Most Popular in 2022

The experts called it; young home buyers listened.

wooden bookcases with clothes on them

80% of People Move Over the Summer—Here Are 4 Tricks to Help Make It Stress-Free

From a pro organizer who has handled dozens.

linen clost

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet So It Actually Stacks Neatly

Because shoving it on the shelf isn’t nearly as satisfying.