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Commerce Best Rug Pads Feature

The Best Rug Pads Are More Than a Buffer of Protection for Your Floor

They’ll prevent sliding, wrinkling, buckling, and more.

Commerce Step Stools Feature

The Best Step Stools Can Do More Than Help You Reach the Top Shelf

Our favorites are also seats, side tables, and nightstands.

Compost Bins

We Found the Best Compost Bins for Your Backyard, Balcony, or Kitchen Countertop

One gets the job done overnight.

Bathroom Mirrors

The Best Bathroom Mirrors Have These 4 Qualities, Above All Else

Shape is just the start.

Outdoor Patio Roof with Solar String Lights Hung Above Outdoor Sofa

Giving Your Outdoor Space a Glow-Up Is as Easy as Adding the Best Solar String Lights

And a few of our favorites are on sale.

BACKDROP_Half Gallon

6 Paint Colors Used by Designers and DIYers Are 15% Off for Amazon Prime Day

Get Backdrop delivered in two days.

Cream High Pile Rug Beneath Wood Coffee Table with Prime Day Picks Banners

A Robovac That Cleans for 60 Days Straight Is $200 Off for Amazon Prime Day

We found discounts on Roomba, Shark, and more.

Fluffy dog in entryway of home with rug and peek of stairwell

One of the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Is This Whisper-Quiet Air Purifier

Choose between sage green and peony pink.

Black painted home and wooden front porch surrounded by green, leafy trees in the woods

Color Complements All the Wood Details in This ’70s Home Turned Modern Cabin

Including a green-stained floor.