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Black and Pink Bathroom

Want To Organize Your Life? Whip Up This Mellow Bath

Perfect for the scatterbrained (and procrastination prone) bride-to-be.

diy relaxing bath by mama medicine

How to DIY a Zen, Spa-Like Bath at Home

Perfect for the anxious bride-to-be.

diy bohemian wedding ideas cake

You Have To See This Bohemian Brooklyn Bridal Shower

What do you get when you cross river rocks and garden roses, a sunny Saturday afternoon and a gathering of gals in Williamsburg? An intimate bridal shower for doula and musician Domino Kirke.

honeymoon tips Esencia

The Absolute Best Places on Earth for a Honeymoon

A professional traveler dishes on the sweetest destinations for newlyweds.

hippie food Deena Chanowitz

A Luscious Color Blocked Crudite Board, Fit for a Wedding

Natural foods chef Deena Chanowitz creates beautiful, bohemian spreads inspired by high vibes and spiritual wellness.

natural dyer Cara Marie Piazza wedding gown

This Artist Uses Flower Scraps To Dye Wedding Dresses

No shade of the rainbow is off-limits to natural dyer Cara Marie Piazza.

succulent wedding centerpiece geometric

These Succulent Centerpieces Are the Ultimate Alternative to Wedding Florals

Fat Plant founder Suzie Kondi’s lush bowls of succulents are perfect for a flower-free wedding.

caitlin mociun Engagement Ring Stones

How to Choose an Engagement Ring Stone That Best Suits Your Style

Because the perfect ring is different for everyone.

frances tulk-hart wedding

Photographer Frances Tulk-Hart Dishes on the Beautiful Mess That Is Life After Marriage

As a married mama of two, the British-born former stylist embraces routine and responsibility—without losing her edge.