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A Trip to MoMA (and the Homeowner’s Closet) Sparked This Pattern-Heavy Bedroom Refresh

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Backdrop Just Launched 5 Wallpaper Patterns That Color-Coordinate With Its Popular Paints

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From the Shower Tile to the Walls, This Artist’s Whole Apartment Is Her Colorful Canvas

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A Monochrome Move Was All It Took to Make This Dated Tile Feel Intentional

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Jeremiah Brent Reveals the One Decor Decision He and Nate Berkus Always Agree On

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Surprise! This Lavender Laundry Room Is the Kids’ Favorite Hangout

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These Are the 5 Cities Where Rent Growth Is (Finally) Slowing Down

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To Fit Her Family of 8, One Homeowner Rebuilt Her Childhood Home From Scratch

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The Top Airbnb Destinations People Are Adding to Their Wish Lists

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