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Kate McGregor

multicolored showerheads

I’ve Cut My Water Usage by 30% With This Showerhead—And It Just Got a Scent Upgrade

The pastel blue fixture even texts me when the water is perfectly hot.

console table with yellow pendant light

Eco-Friendly Lighting Goes Beyond Flipping the Switch When You Leave a Room

LED bulbs are only the beginning.

sage green dining room

Peachy Picture Molding Conceals a Walk-In Closet in This Paris Apartment

And that’s not the only hidden storage moment.

<em>Not</em> Mowing the Lawn Is the Latest Landscaping Trend

Not Mowing the Lawn Is the Latest Landscaping Trend

We’re here for the perfectly unmanicured examples.

green and yellow stained glass window

More Than 36% of People Plan to Spend Their Tax Returns on This Type of Renovation

Here are three ideas to get you started.

headboard with slipcover

I Sewed Myself a Custom Headboard in 10 Minutes—Without the $1,700 Price Tag

My bedroom has never looked so luxe.

maximalist living room

The Most Popular House Listings Last Week All Share This Controversial Design Style

Here’s the right way to nail the aesthetic.

hotel lobby with wood walls

This Is Kelly Wearstler’s Trick for Perfect Room Ambience