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Julia Stevens

18 Tables That Hold Just a Martini—And Nothing Else

18 Tables That Hold Just a Martini—And Nothing Else

Because what more does a person need?

In Jennifer Behr’s 640-Square-Foot Apartment, Everything—Headbands Included—Has a Place

Her New York City home is like a life-size jewelry box.

This Editor’s Harlem Studio Is Closet-less and Tiny, But the Wainscoting Alone Makes Up for It

Vintage Italian dressers (from Facebook Marketplace) to the rescue.

This Longtime NYC Renter Found Her Dream House in Baltimore—And Then She Painted It Pink

The floors sealed the deal.

This Chair Can Shape-Shift

Taking you from library seat to top of the shelf.

This Reed Diffuser Helped Me Kick My Expensive Candle Habit

Its fancy scent lingers on rather than burning out.

Turns Out, This Allover Green Office Is the Perfect Minimalist-Maximalist Compromise

How one NYC couple found the perfect balanced shade.

Editor-Approved Super Bowl Serveware, None of Which Is Shaped Like a Football

Your dips deserve better.

There’s a Whole World of Vintage IKEA Out There, and It’s on Etsy

Shop our picks, starting with an ice cube–inspired lamp.