From July 2020

July 31, 2020

You’d Never Guess This Psychedelic Library Used to Be a Hallway

Wait till you see the floor mural.

July 30, 2020

Bathroom Floor Tile Stickers Are a Renter’s Best Friend

Five spaces where they look like the real thing.

July 29, 2020

A Paper Lantern DIY to Try With Your Kids—And Show Off in Your Backyard

How this mom is celebrating Eid al-Adha at home.

July 28, 2020

There Are More Than 600 Types of Air Plants—These Are Our Favorites

Who can resist a xerographica?

July 27, 2020

How to Paint Bathroom Tile, According to Someone Who DIYed It

Don’t skimp on sealer.

July 26, 2020

A City Hall Wedding Followed by Bagels, Then a Small Ceremony With Friends

The case for getting married twice.

July 25, 2020

How to Stay Cool at Night, Even When You’re a Hot Sleeper

You don’t have to take an ice-cold shower.

July 24, 2020

Dominique Drakeford’s Container Garden Was Entirely Started From Seed

The Sustainable Brooklyn cofounder shares her best tips.

July 23, 2020

We’re Taking a Shine to These Glass Tile Bathrooms

Starting with a Rainbow Fish backsplash.

July 22, 2020

8 Pantry Organization DIY Ideas for Every Storage Struggle

Build your dream shelves from scratch.

July 20, 2020

Who Said White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Had to Be Traditional?

Seven spaces that show their range.

July 19, 2020

Kitchen Renovations Can Be Expensive, But Your Cabinets Don’t Have to Be

Designers spill their secret sources.

July 18, 2020

From Ceramic to Zellige, the Best Kind of Tile for Every Project

Seven materials to know, according to the experts.

July 16, 2020

An Architect Turned This Old Summer Camp Into a Charming Family Home

The number-one goal: preserving the cottage feel.

July 15, 2020

6 Experts Share Their Holy Grail Tools for City Gardening

Including a miracle pest-repelling oil.

July 14, 2020

How I Gave My 80-Square-Foot Bathroom Vintage Charm With Mostly New Pieces

Anthony D’Argenzio shares his tricks of the trade.

July 13, 2020

8 Spice Rack Ideas for Even the Strangest Kitchen Layout

No more rummaging through cluttered cabinets.

July 12, 2020

Shay Mitchell Has Read This Book Four Times

It’s just one of the ways she likes to end her day.

July 11, 2020

Small Rooms Don’t Need Small Furniture—And 9 Other Surprising Design Truths

A design duo eliminates the guesswork.

July 10, 2020

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles Make the Case for Thinking Small

From pink ombré to glittering teal.

July 9, 2020

The Best Plant Advice From Garden Marcus’s Ultra-Soothing TikToks

Meet the green thumb of the moment.

July 8, 2020

Erin Hiemstra Revamped Her Overgrown Yard Just in Time for Quarantine

Its multiple “rooms” include a tub and firepit.

July 7, 2020

How a Creative Couple Made an Ideal Outdoor Space—On Their Tiny Balcony

Hand-painted planters liven it up.

July 6, 2020

What’s the Difference Between a Sustainable Velvet Sofa and a Regular One?

A whole bunch of plastic bottles, for starters.

July 5, 2020

How Oui the People Founder Karen Young Discovered the Trick to Better Sleep

It’s her one routine that’s made a huge difference.

July 4, 2020

This Melbourne Artist’s Apartment Is the Perfect Canvas for Her Work

How she made the rental feel like home.

July 2, 2020

Painting Our Existing Cabinets Shaved $35K Off Our Kitchen Reno

But this designer still got the custom look she wanted.

July 1, 2020

5 Designers Share the Quarantine Projects They Finally Finished

What have you checked off your list?