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black and white kitchen

How a Designer Made Her L.A. Fixer-Upper Family-Friendly (and Eventually Resale Ready)

The kitchen shows no signs of a hasty flip.

How Much Money You Can Make by Lending Your Home to a Film Crew

How Much Money You Can Make by Lending Your Home to a Film Crew

And why this L.A. house is a favorite location for scouts.

Amazon Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

49 Editor-Approved Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved Ones—And Their Spaces

Because home is where the heart is.

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living room with hidden bookcase bar

A Dallas Designer Transformed This Awkward Living Room Nook Into a Speakeasy

Name a cooler party trick.

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living room with record storage

This Extra-Long L.A. Living Room Is Really Three Mini Spaces in One

Each with its own purpose.

Slash Objects Kitchen Mats

Our List of the Best Kitchen Rugs Includes a Vintage-Looking Runner That’s Only $26

And all of them are a cinch to clean.

countertop with colorful drying dishes

Send This to Your Significant Other: How to Load a Dishwasher

Including what should never go in there.

people wearing sweatshirts

For the First Time Ever, Madewell Is Carrying This DIY Design Staple

The brand’s love of basics takes new form.

girl in front of painting

You Can Now Buy Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Original Art, From Tapestries to Plaster Works

And her favorite vintage finds.

woman setting table

The $100 Rattan Sconce in Studio McGee’s New Target Line Needs Your Full Attention

And five more finds we’re eyeing.

King Sized Mattresses Domino

I Spent Months Searching for the Best King-Size Mattresses—Here’s My Short List

They’re all hybrid, natural-fiber favorites.

Katy Perry’s Dream Bar Cart Is a $1,500 Mid-Century Marvel

Katy Perry’s Dream Bar Cart Is a $1,500 Mid-Century Marvel

To display her booze-free aperitifs, of course.

Lilac Locker TV Stand

This DIY-Friendly Storage Unit (for Less Than $200) Tops Our List of Best TV Stands

Forget media consoles of the past.

kitchen and dining room with green cabinets

Airbnb Is Asking You to Move to Italy, Rent-Free—Here’s Where You’ll Live

Plus four design ideas we’re bringing Stateside.

bathroom with sliding door and cacti

Radiators and Plants Aren’t Friends, But This DIY Trick Will Keep Thirsty Leaves Hydrated

Expert Alessia Resta’s 200 pots are proof.

Kitcher Fridge

How to Organize Your Fridge So You Can Actually Find the Hummus

And remember to eat last night’s leftovers.

white cat on a tall cat tree

Cat-ifying Your Home Is Trending on Pinterest—Here’s What That Actually Means

You don’t have to sacrifice style.

dining room with cane chairs

CB2’s Continual Best-Seller Is Also Gwyneth Paltrow Approved

We guarantee you’ve seen it all over Instagram.

living room with white platform sofa

How a Hacked IKEA Sofa Saved One Renter $5,000

Scandi meets San Fran in this low-profile design.

Four pairs of slippers

Dress Up Last Year’s WFH Sweat Set With the Best Slippers

Shop six pairs Domino editors swear by.

snowy exterior of blue home

The City Where You’ll Get the Most Square Footage on a $375K Budget

And the three listings we have our eye on.

white tabletop projector

This Brand-New Tiny Projector Can Go Anywhere There’s a Lightbulb

No, really, even outside.