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building a dream home on a budget

Interior & textile designer, Caitlin Wilson, shares the process of designing and building her own home exclusively with Domino. Follow along from month to month as she divulges trade secrets, sources, and tips on how to get the most bang for your buck on a new build or renovation.

Courtney Adamo Made a Backyard Shed the Hardest-Working Space in Her Home

Two hundred square feet has never felt so roomy.

How I Brought This Teardown Back to Life on a Tiny Budget

Five things I learned in the process.

building a dream home on a budget: phase 2

caitlin wilson is building a dream home on a budget

10 Things That Make Entrepreneur Courtney Adamo Happy

The mom of five loves pizza parties and oil baths.

5 cities to travel on a budget this spring

Think being on a budget means missing out? Quit being a downer (and start packing your bags).

a budget-friendly master bedroom makeover

Tired of your bedroom decor? Take a peek at a few simple changes that will instantly transform your space.

The Best Houseplant for Your Myers-Briggs Type

Are you destined for a monstera?

video: how to build a she-shed (diy shed for under $5K!)

build your own workspace/shed/haven!

17 Different Ways to Build a Gallery Wall

Plus, the lessons learned in styling them.

9 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Shower Feel Like a Five-Star Spa

The best way to wind-down.