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floor-to-ceiling cuteness furnished with thrift store finds!

blogger LaTonya Staubs decorated her family's brooklyn home with...wait for it...thrift store finds!

How to Wear Your Candy on Halloween

Three candy DIYs that are easy and sweet!

trends to retire in 2016

will you be able to say goodbye?

international beauty secrets you need to know

10 beauty secrets from around the world.

the $4 cornbread recipe with an (easy!) secret

you'll be making it 'till april.

video: how not to kill your airplants

Josh Rosen is Airplantman, and today he's teaching us how to care for our airplants!

taylor swift’s bedding is still available you guys

as modeled by one fierce feline.

how to buy european antiques and ship them home

no more broken valuables, ever again.

(quite possibly) the most customizable couch we’ve ever seen!

basically magic.

diy patterned side table

the mini side table your space desperately needs.

how to keep the kids entertained on thanksgiving

12 ways to keep the little ones out of trouble on Turkey Day.

decorating with confidence when you’re 20 something

Great style at every age.