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Wonder Walls: The Bon Vivant

Dorothée Meilichzon, founder of French design firm Chzon, tells the Domino team what she wants on her walls this Spring.

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12 cures for the common gallery wall.

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How to Make the Plant Wall of Your Dreams

Green is the new gallery wall.

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But with these five tricks, she nails it every time.

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Laura Ogden infuses west coast love into her east coast home.

Designers Are Betting on This Wall Treatment as the New Shiplap

No ’90s basement vibes here.

10 Free-Spirited Painting Designs That Bid Solid-Color Walls Adieu

You won’t believe it’s not wallpaper.

Interior Designer Ariel Okin Proves That White Walls Are Anything But Boring

This small design trick pays off in a huge way.

laura vinroot poole: charming decorating style with a twist

This Southern belle's roots are evident in her pedigreed-gone-renegade home decor, which encompasses a gorgeous choreography of antique, French deco and mid-century, with a touch of Graceland.

An Art Curator’s Tried-and-True Tips for Hanging a Gallery Wall

Including her budget-friendly frame source.