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Jordan Ferney Decorated Her Christmas Tree With Only One Kind of Ornament

The unconventional theme continues on her table.

How Robert De Niro’s Former 1860s Brownstone Became Impressively Energy Efficient

Without losing any of its charm.

10 Must-Have, Only-at-Anthro Holiday Gifts for the Home

Consider the retailer your one-stop inspiration station.

Sponsored By Anthropologie

This French Glassmaker Jots Down Ideas for Her Dreamy Confections in a $7 Notebook

Where Marie-Victoire Winckler works.

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Of All the Black Friday Deals, This Is the One You Shopped Most

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Marine-Grade Plywood Elevated (Literally!) This Home’s Ceiling, Stairs, and Kitchen

It turned the most problematic area into a statement.

The Best Kids’ Desks Meet All Your Little One’s Scholarly Needs

We would happily work or study at any of these desks ourselves.

I Found a Cute Body Pillow That Totally Transformed My Sleep

Cozy vibes + amazing rest.

And the Next It Kitchen Cabinet Color Is…

See ya, sage.

The Lego x Target Collab Doesn’t Include a Single Painful Plastic Block

Finds for the whole family, especially the adults.

It’s Official: Designers Are Ditching This Once-Classic Color

Here’s what they’re swatching instead.

A Festive Pop-Up, the Internet’s Best New Homewares Shop, and Perfectly Packaged Tea

Our editors share their Friday faves.

Yes, You Can Squeeze a Breakfast Spot, Laundry Area, and Guest Suite Into an Old Garage

Without it feeling cluttered or cramped.

Leanne Ford and 6 Other Pros Predict the Next Big Decorating Trends

And not an archway or curvy sofa in sight.

For Maximum Bathroom Storage, This DIYer Turned a $100 Dresser Into a Vanity

Who said wood and water can’t mix?

Kate Hudson Owns a $415 Steamer, But Oddly Not This Crucial Baking Tool

Don’t worry, we found her some options.

10 Under-the-Radar Brands and Artists We Discovered in the Making of Our Winter Digital Issue

From Douglas fir wall art to wavy candles.

This City Is Where Everyone Wants to Move Next Year (Sorry, Austin)

Plus the pandemic home-buying trend that’s here to stay.

This $14 Find Will Seriously Reduce Your Paper Towel Usage

And it’s cute, too!

The 7 Best Pendant Lights, as Seen in Domino’s Favorite Homes

There’s even a rental-friendly option.

3 Hidden Problems You’re Likely to Inherit When Buying a House

And what it will cost you.

This Room Was Once a Regular Basement—Now It’s a Teen Activist’s Work-Hang Zone

Stackable shelves and mirrors spark productivity—and world change.

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